The objective of minimally invasive dentistry is to maximize esthetic and functional results with the minimum aggression to dental tissues, with more and more conservative treatments emerging.

This is the origin of composite veneers, an ultra-conservative treatment that allows us to faithfully copy an ideal facial design guided by adhesive techniques:


  • Ultraconservative, because in most cases it is not necessary to touch or grind the teeth.
  • Faithful copying, by 3D printing of models and transparent silicone guides.
  • The objective is the harmonious integration of the new smile, and that is why we use an ideal facially guided design, which takes into account the face and its particular characteristics.
  • Adhesive techniques, the same ones used to make composites/white fillings, allow us to bond a material to the tooth through chemical treatment of the tooth surface.


To start any facially guided smile design or DSD (Digital Smile Design) it is essential to digitize the patient. The objective is to obtain digital records of the patient's initial condition in order to work with the design software. For this we need:

  • Photographic sequence consisting of 5 photos, for the static record of the smile and the resting (facial) positions.
  • Video, to record the dynamics of the smile.
  • Digital impressions of the mouth. With our intraoral scanner 3Shape we obtain in a few seconds and without discomfort, STL models of the upper and lower arch and occlusion.


This is the part we like the most of any digital smile design . It is the phase in which you become co-author of your own smile. You try on a mock up of the final design before doing any irreversible treatment on your teeth and evaluate whether or not you would like to take the next step to get your dream smile.

With DSD DIRECT DESIGN 3D model impressions and clear silicone guides, we inject each tooth with high-strength flowable composite, after shade testing, to copy the ideal design approved by you.

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