Implantology is the discipline of dentistry that is responsible for replacing missing or lost teeth in the mouth by inserting dental implants into the jawbone. The biocompatible material in which they are made, usually titanium, allows their union to the bone or osseointegration in a period of two to four months after insertion. From this moment on, they are ready to receive the same impacts as natural teeth, and thus rehabilitate all the lost functions.


The most important phase in modern implantology is the diagnostic or personalized planning phase, in order to achieve predictable, functional, esthetic and facially integrated results. This phase consists of:

  • 3D radiological study or CBCT, which allows us to choose the best implant and the best technique in each case. It allows us to identify the anatomy of the area to be treated, as well as identify the presence of nerves or the maxillary sinus, to adapt the surgery to each situation in order to avoid intraoperative or postoperative accidents which prove difficult to solve later.
  • Photographic/video study for a facially guided planning, so that the final result or the provisionals are integrated and in harmony with our face and smile.
  • Intraoral scanning to digitally record the patient's current condition.


immediate loading


When the bone conditions and stability of the implant allow it, as in this case, we can resort to immediate loading or Teeth-in-a-day, which means that at the same time of surgery we place provisional teeth, achieving an aesthetic rehabilitation from the beginning. This is very interesting when the problems involve the esthetic zone, allowing us to condition and regenerate the tissues with periodontal plastic surgery procedures at the same time, for a better result of the final restoration between twoand four months later.

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