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Proboca Dental Clinic

Clínica Proboca was born in 2010, from the hands of of Amelia De la Ballina Peruyera, as a culmination of 30 years of work at the Ballina Clinic in Villaviciosa (Asturias) where she defined a clear motto: THE MOUTH AS THE ENTRANCE DOOR TO HEALTH

This holistic vision of dentistry drove Dr. Ballina to expand her professional experience to neighboring areas, landing in this idyllic place, Santoña.

It is in Proboca's DNA to do things differently and go one step further in oral health. Always working hand in hand with cutting-edge technology in the dental sector and in constant training, to offer the latest treatments.

As a result, in 2020 Dr. Daniel Fernandez de la Ballina qualified as a DSD Master, however it wasn’t enough. He decided to go further and continueds the training of the team and transformation of the equipment to become a DSD certified clinic in 2021.


At Proboca we provide you with cutting-edge dental technology for less invasive interventions and for exact, precise results.



Daniel Fernández de la Ballina

Tamar Gómez Pérez

Eduardo Monjil Escudero

Ana Sobrino Estruc

Sandra García Alonso

María Garrido Ruigómez

Ilona Fernández Aramburu

Laudy Quiñonez Corrales

Thinking about a new smile?

With our DSD (Digital Smile Design) Concept visualize the final result before treatment


Are you thinking about orthodontic treatment to change the position of your teeth? Invisalign® is an innovative, invisible orthodontic system to align your teeth and improve your smile without the need for metal braces. It works with a series of custom-made, clear, removable aligners.


At Clínica Proboca we offer Conscious Sedation, a service provided for your relaxation and given under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, to transform your fear of the dentist into a pleasant experience. All you have to do is sit back and think about where you want to travel to during the treatment. What are you waiting for? (Try Conscious Sedation on your next visit)

Facial rejuvenation with


Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in numerous tissues and organs of the human body. One of its most important properties is its ability to attract and retain water, which keeps these tissues in good condition.

Thanks to these properties we can also use it aesthetically to augment the lips, fill wrinkles and folds, and moisturize the skin, giving a more rejuvenated appearance.

The technique is minimally invasive and being a resorbable substance, it is temporary (more or less durable depending on the type of hyaluronic acid in question) and provides completely natural results. Ask us about its application!


What do our patients have to say about us?

«Grandes profesionales, confío mucho en ellos, la boca es algo muy delicado para mi e ir donde los dentistas de la clínica Provboca me da mucha tranquilidad, cuando voy se que estoy en buenas manos.«

Marta Avellanal Gonzalez

«Perfecto trabajo de implantes… No pude estar mejor atendida ni mejor tratada. El equipo humano estupendo y los medios técnicos, modernos y suficientes.«

Susana Elena García Sánchez

«Magnifica atención, extreman medidas higienicas y de seguridad, inspiran mucha confianza y tranquilidad, profesionalidad y buena atención. que más podemos pedir.«

Jorge E. Beltran G.

«Lo mejor de esta clínica es, además del trato, que trabajan con láser dental, por lo que los tratamientos, además de no doler, son más efectivos y rápidos. Un 10.«

Lu Re

Calle las Huertas, 3 bajo   CP 39740   Santoña, Cantabria

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